Aug 27, 2008

Superstar Part 2

Just happend to check the news online and viewed this clip of the first day of school in our town...Jake made the video a few times! His teacher is Mrs. B. Jake is in blue striped shirt and has a green and black backpack.

Jun 15, 2008

Loves Shells

I am so glad Jake loves the beach. His first beach experience was not good and I never thought he would want to go back.

May 18, 2008

Mister to you!

*At the MOS

Jakob is getting so big! It is hard to believe he will be 6 years old and going into the First Grade in a few months. I am so impressed with his teacher this year and all they have accomplished- he is reading at a first grade level, writing, graphing, and learning about money.

He still does an excellent job at being a pill =)!!

Out of the mouth of Jake:

In line at Dairy Queen: "Dad, I want a triple diple scoop of ice cream with rainbow sprinkles".

The weather had been warm so I had asked Jake if the class had gone out to play and he said "No, we have been too busy...I think you need to have a chat with Mrs. B!".

Attempting to get cold water from the "child-proof" water cooler "What, is this thing ADULT-PROOF?!".

Out of the blue one morning he says "I have hair on my butt!".
Yesterday he decides he is going to wear his Christmas socks with his Gap shoes...
Note the right sock is on upside down (heel is showing on top):

Feb 3, 2008

He Reads!

Of the Kindergarten words (and extra words) the kids need to know, Jake can recognize all but 4 ("it"..he says TIT ?.."said", "have", "going") with no trouble. I was pretty surprised when I made flash cards for the words and he starts reading them off!

I figured it would be a matter of time before he would be reading Level 1 books. On Friday, he read 2 books to my Mom. Hopefully he will sharein my love of reading!

Jakob's Pledge

Handsome Fella

He was so excited that I spiked his hair this he looks like

Eric from class (but Eric's spikes are bigger!).

Jan 31, 2008

Pieces of January

Finger painting!

Building a tent on the couch

Playing ball with Kaleb

Jan 14, 2008

My Snowflake

Jakob and Daddy went to play in the snow before dinner- they tried to build a snowman, but it was a little difficult as it had rained a bit. The pictures didn't come out that great because it was dark. After they enjoyed hot chocolate with marshmallows!

Jan 10, 2008

My Love Bug

At 5 years old, Jakob is already asking if his friend Kaelyn can come live with us in VT. This conversation went on for 15 minutes and he was so adamant that this was going to happen. I kept trying to change the subject. Here is how some of the conversation went:

"Mom, can we drive her there and can she stay with us?"
" When I turn 21, I am going to get married to her."
"Mom, Kaelyn wants 2 kids!"
"We will live in VT and be a team!"

Dec 31, 2007

Pieces of December

Here are some of the things Jakob has been up to this month. He is recognizing a lot of words, so reading is just around the corner. He writing is improving a lot..he still gets the upper case and lower case sequence mixed up at times. He is now coloring inside the lines.

Cool shades from Aunt Sue

Christmas pose and enjoying Kaleb's book

The Museum of Science in Boston with Nana

Enjoying Uncle Scotty's company

Craft time! Fun times at the church's Christmas party.

Telling Santa all the trains he wants for Christmas

New Yield sign from Grammy

Check out more pictures and "Jake's New Ride" on the family page.

Nov 30, 2007

Pieces of November

Jakob at his third most favorite place helping Miss Kathy sign out his books.

Doing "homework" in one of his workbooks.
Having fun with Playdoh

Oct 26, 2007

Story Hour

The library hosted story hour tonight. Costumes were optional..Jake wasn't "feeling" it tonight. We enjoyed 3 stories with refreshments and cookies after.

Oct 25, 2007

Harvest Festival

Jakob slept through 3/4 of the Harvest Festival (held at school), but I took him once he got up.

He didn't want to dress up as the pirate, so he wore his costume from last year (he wanted to buy the "Little Mermaid" costume earlier in the week.....). I had silver sparkles and spider clips in my hair!

We arrived when they were doing the raffles (we have no ticket!), but we got to see all of the kids dressed up. Jakob kept asking for his teacher and insisted we go to his classroom when we did not see her in the gym. He was disappointed when he saw the lights were out and the door was locked. We headed to the car and he started crying, saying he was sad that he didn't see his teacher. He said that she was sad too and that her heart was wrinkled. To cheer him up I asked him how his day was and that that I heard he and his teacher "twirled and danced around the classroom". I asked what kind of music they danced to and he said "a beautiful piece of music". So sweet.

Oct 20, 2007

Mr. Frank

Jakob just adores Mr. Frank (one of my Dad's good friends). He lives just down the street from us and during the summer and when my Dad isn't working crazy shifts, they walk over to see Mr. Frank. Mr. Frank helps Jake collect "special" rocks and also has treats for him. Here they are at "The Great Pumpkin Festival" held at my parents church.